Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity: Encompasses and includes all of the ways people differ, everyone has a different characteristic that makes them individual and sets them apart from others.

Equity: Equity is treating everyone fairly, allowing everyone the same access, and opportunities for ALL people while eliminating barriers that have been in place. Having procedures and policies in place where justice and fairness are increased.

Inclusion: Creating environments and fostering them with care so any individual or group feels not only welcomed but respected and supported.

The DEI Committee is striving to make the culture and climate at Timon even better for all students. During the month of February, we were able to showcase a different DEI Committee Member each morning over the announcements where they read a short piece on a prominent figure in Black History as part of Black History Month. This was not only moving and educational, but supportive. Each reading and educating piece led to discussion of figures that their peers may not have ever heard of. DEI is helping bridge the gap and helping our students come together to help educate their peers and one another.

The DEI Committee was honored to be a part of the EdCo (Education Collaborative) video shoot in February 2021 at Bishop Timon High School. This short video provides a snapshot into the day of a Timon student. It is centered around DEI with interviews given by some of our students on the Committee and showcases what Timon means to them.  See the video on our Facebook page.

We are fortunate to be involved with EdCo. They forge a unique partnership with 14 private high schools in the Erie County, WNY area and provide workshops, continuing education, shared resources and scholarships. 

It is with the continued support of not only EdCo, but of the staff, faculty, students, parents/guardians and the Timon Community that makes DEI and Timon special.