The Science Department offers a wide track of course work for the discriminating student. Regents Living Environment, Regents Earth Science, Regents Chemistry and Regents Physics are offered as the basic level. Honors Living Environment, Bioinformatics, Advanced Placement Biology and bioinformatics. Senior class science electives include but are not limited to Forensics and Oceanography. Senior class electives are also offered as independent study coursework.

  • Living Environment Honors and Lab

  • Physical Setting/Earth Science and Lab

  • Physical Setting/Chemistry and Lab

  • Physical Setting/Physics and Lab

  • Advanced Placement Biology

  • Advanced Placement Chemistry

  • Health

  • Bioinformatics I

  • Bioinformatics II

  • Contemporary Chemistry

  • Forensics


Since 2010 select students at Bishop Timon – St. Jude High School have been given a unique opportunity their peers throughout Western New York have not been afforded. Students successfully completing Advanced Placement Biology are invited to enroll in Timon’s Bioinformatics course. The course was established in 2010 and is conducted under the supervision of Timon alumnus, Anthony Campagnari, Ph.D. ‘71, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Buffalo,

Utilizing a variety of computer tools and databases, students in Bioinformatics are instructed on the basics of nucleic acid or protein sequence databases, how to perform sequence comparisons, and how to determine or propose the function of a nucleic acid or protein sequence.  Throughout the fall semester, students attend lectures and work on the computer component at Timon. Upon completion of this portion of the course, students advance to the second semester conducted at the University of Buffalo under the supervision of Dr. Campagnari.  

Students also have the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience working beside doctoral candidates and researchers at UB. Students learn techniques and procedures of basic research and medicine as well as the implementation of bioinformatics in the real-world setting.

Throughout the academic year, each of the students enrolled in the Bioinformatics course were given their own experiment project. Like characters on an episode of NCIS or CSI students were provided samples of DNA that they were to identify.  The Bioinformatics students recently presented their findings to the current Advanced Placement Biology class taught by Mrs. Jen Putnam at Timon.

To learn more about the Bioinformatics Program at Bishop Timon – St. Jude High School, contact Mrs. Jen Putnam via email.


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