The Science Department offers a wide track of course work for the discriminating student. Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics are offered as the basic level. Honors Living Environment, Advanced Placement Biology. Senior class science electives include but are not limited to Forensics and Oceanography. Senior class electives are also offered as independent study coursework.

  • Life Science

  • Living Environment Honors and Lab

  • Earth Science and Lab

  • Chemistry and Lab

  • Physics and Lab

  • Advanced Placement Biology

  • Health

  • Astronomy

  • Oceanography


Mr. John McKeone - Bishop Timon Science Teacher

John McKeone Earth Science, Astronomy & Oceanography.

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Mr. Gene Overdorf - Bishop Timon Science Teacher

Gene Overdorf Earth Science, Astronomy & Oceanography

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Mr. Anthony Puccio - Bishop Timon

Anthony Puccio Physics

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Ms. Jennifer Putnam - Bishop Timon

Jennifer Putnam Living Environment

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