Tuition - Students

Tuition and Fees for Academic Year

Tuition (Includes Technology, Billing, and Parent Guild Fee) $10,304.00

Registration Fee: $300.00

TOTAL TUITION & FEES: $10,604.00 

Registration Fee is Nonrefundable.

One Billing Fee per family. 

Students also are required to participate in 2 (two) school fundraisers, raising $150.00/student. These fees will be added to your account if the required funds are not raised.

(*) Guidelines for maintaining scholarship(s) and aid will be distributed at time of registration. Scholarship information

Timon is the most affordable Private School for your son. To receive as much tuition assistance and scholarships as possible please complete all Scholarship Applications and the FACTS Financial Aid Application by December 30, 2023 - please file for FACTS Grant and Aid